David Cameron backed by ‘fake’ students at a talk in London

| Feb. 22, 2010 |

Published by Student Direct: Mancunion

Backed by students at the University of East London, David Cameron spoke of “rebuilding trust in politics” two weeks ago. However, the students have been exposed as Conservative supporters who had been drafted in to back their Party leader.

“They are not our students,” President of the University’s Students’ Union Joseph Bitrus said: “Afterwards I spoke with one of them, and he said he had just joined the campaign a week ago and was learning how it worked.”

Bitrus told the Guardian that University of East London staff had contacted him as they were concerned that those sat behind Cameron did not represent the multiculturism of the University.

Students were also disappointed that they did not get the chance to ask any questions. “He just talked about constitutional reform, which wasn’t of interest to most students,” added Bitrus.

“People were just seated in the order they arrived at the venue,” said the Party’s Chief Press Officer Henry Macrory. Cameron’s Press Secretary, Gaby Bertin, added: “A small number, less than a dozen, were student party members who expressed an interest in attending.”

This is not the first time political parties have been accused of shielding their members from hostile members of the public. The Labour Party has faced many similar accusations in its attempt to protect Tony Blair.