11,000 drivers on Britain's roads with more than 12 points

| Nov. 1, 2010 |

More than 11,000 drivers are legally allowed on Britain's roads with 12 or more points on their license, with 219 of them having more than 20 points.

There are 13 drivers with more than 30 points allowed on Britain's roads. The DVLA blames the courts for this.

The DVLA said, in its response to the Freedom of Information request, "Magistrates' Courts are able to use Sentencing Guidelines published by The Magistrates' Association that provide a framework for magistrates setting out how to establish the seriousness of each case and the most appropriate way of dealing with that case. This ensures that any penalty reflects the seriousness of the offence and the personal circumstances of the offender. DVLA is not privy to the reasons why a Court does/does not order a disqualification.

"Where a person is convicted of an offence involving obligatory endorsement DVLA's role is that of record keeper only. We are obliged by law to record endorsement details onto the relevant driver record on receipt of a Court Order. It is not DVLA’s role to ‘allow drivers onto Britain’s roads’. This is strictly a matter for the Courts."