Wave a little happiness
Photo: Girish Gupta

Wave a little happiness

| Oct. 11, 2002 | Maidenhead, England

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IT MAY not give you the power to turn your enemies into frogs, but according to a spiritualist shop in Maidenhead a wand may make you a little happier.

To prove it, Between 2 Worlds, in Maidenhead High Street, will be holding wand-crafting workshops leading up to Halloween.

Adults and children are invited to the workshops to learn how wands can ‘bring magic and ritual into their lives’ and to prove it is not just Harry Potter and his friends who can reap the rew ards of this ancient craft.

Twinkle, the spiritualist leading the workshops, said preparation was essential for the workshops.

“Go for a walk in the woods,” she said.

“Look for a piece of wood that speaks to you, and anything else that will help you achieve what you want. Think about w hat you want it to do for you.”

Twinkle recommended acorns for protection against illness and copper for healing, while feathers w ere associated with the spirit world.

Native Americans, she said, wore headdresses adorned with feathers to catch spirits in the air.

They also allow ed the wind to carry the Indians’ own wishes and dreams.

The hour-long classes – to be held at the shop on Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26 – will begin with the actual crafting of the wands follow ed by 15-20 minutes of meditation in which participants visualise what they would like the wand to achieve for them.

“Better preparation leads to a better end product,” Twinkle said.

Apprehensive parents w ho are unsure about allowing their children to dabble in crafting are assured the only things that will be taught are its ‘healing properties and magical goodness’.