Johnny Roadhouse Dies

| Apr. 26, 2009 | Manchester, England

LOCAL MUSIC legend Johnny Roadhouse, most famous for the eponymous shop on Oxford Road, died last week.

Immortalised in Oasis’ video for the song The Masterplan, the shop opened more than 50 years ago. During that time, Paul McCartney, Bob Hope and a staggering array of renowned musicians have walked through the doors of the Manchester institution near the Manchester Metropolitan Students’ Union.

Smiths’ drummer Mike Joyce described the shop as being synonymous with the Manchester music scene. “Every single band in Manchester has gone through Johnny Roadhouse Music at some stage,” he said. “It’s impossible not to.”

Roadhouse played saxophone alongside Elton John and was a friend to the stars.

A tribute on the store’s website reads: “He will be deeply missed and fondly remembered by all his family, friends and staff.”