Universities pick up bills after student loans cock-up

| Sept. 28, 2009 |

Published by Student Direct: Mancunion

UNIVERSITIES ACROSS the country are having to foot the bill after problems with the over-stretched Student Loans Company led to many students under-funded as they began a new year.

The University of Manchester is just one of many offering to defer both instalments on halls of residence fees as well as tuition fees for any students with their loan delayed.

“The University of Manchester has always had a process whereby if students have had their student loan delayed for any reason, then we can defer the first instalment on their hall fees,” a spokesman told Student Direct: Mancunion.

“This year, the first instalment is due on October 26th, so we would hope that most of the current delays will be cleared by then. However, if a student is still experiencing problems then they should go to the Accommodation Office with written confirmation that their loan is being processed, and we can defer their first payment.”

He added that returning students living in private accommodation were encouraged to access University hardship funds should their loans be delayed.

Manchester Metropolitan University have similar provisions and are not expecting payments for hall fees until roughly the middle of November, giving the Student Loans Company a fortnight on top of the end of October deadline they have promised that students will receive payment by.