Mum: My devil baby breathes fire and vanishes

| Nov. 7, 2012 | Lorica, Colombia

Published by The Sun //pdf1//

A DISTRAUGHT mum says her baby is possessed by the devil and breathes fire.

Ana Feria Santos, 28, claims her two-month-old boy is the son of Satan after he scorched a mattress and clothes and keeps vanishing from his crib.

She claims her child is able to produce flames to burn the garments and furniture — while he can also transform into a spooky older boy with “intimidating eyes”.

Sometimes she says she hears him cackling, only for him to stop as she approaches.

It has terrified Ana and the small community of Nueva Estrella, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast — where many people still believe in witchcraft. But the mum of five continues to care for her child, who she calls only “el niño” — the boy. Ana told The Sun: “This is Satanic. I have never in my life seen this.”

Ana said her son regularly disappears from the family’s wooden shack only to reappear in odd places — including a bowl, the fridge, the washing machine and even in a bag hanging on the wall.

She said: “The bag would break if it held 20 bananas so how come it didn’t break when the baby was in it?” Ana pointed to a cupboard and said: “I saw him sitting on that looking like a one-year-old boy. He had intimidating eyes.”

Ana’s tale is similar to classic 1976 horror movie The Omen, in which a child called Damien is possessed by the devil.

Red-faced El Niño scowled at our reporter during a crying fit — but no horns were visible.

Locals in the poor community have thrown stones at Ana’s home and even demanded an exorcism.

But others claim she invented the bizarre tale. Ana has even been accused of child abuse although doctors have dismissed the claims.

Ana said: “I asked for help and people just laughed. I have asked my God to help me.”