Decks stolen from Students’ Union

| Dec. 8, 2009 |

Published by Student Direct: Mancunion

Two Technics turntables were stolen from the Students’ Union’s Club Academy before a gig by New Zealand band Fat Freddys Drop, a fortnight ago.

The seven-piece reggae group were due to use the equipment at Club Academy on the evening of December 1 for an aftershow party, following the same evening’s Academy 1 gig. However, the turntables are believed to have been stolen around 2pm.

It is thought that the Union has CCTV footage of a man walking out of the building with two flight cases containing the DJ equipment. This has been passed onto Greater Manchester Police.

Greater Manchester Police were unable to find details of the offence when questioned by Student Direct: Mancunion, despite it having been reported to them by the Union’s management.

The turntables were Technics SL-1210s, the industry standard, valued at over £1,000 for the pair. Staff at the Union suggested that the thief would have been better off taking the much more expensive mixer and described him as an “opportunist” who did not know what he was stealing.