Ousting of Gustavo Petro

| Dec. 12, 2013 | Bogota, Colombia

Featured on Radio France Internationale

Major protests are expected in Bogotá on Friday after the ousting of the city's leftist mayor earlier this week. Gustavo Petro was deposed on Monday for failing to properly manage the capital's garbage disposal. This inability to properly govern, said the Inspector General, created a public health hazard. However, Petro claims he is being ousted in a right-wing coup.

The move is a major blow to the country's political left and the man who holds the second most powerful office in the country. Tens of thousands of supporters watched Petro speak from a balcony overlooking Bogotá's main plaza this week. In fiery rhetoric, he called for the "largest marches in the city's history" to take place on Friday. He demanded revolution from what he called Bogotá's "Tahrir Square."

As well as lose his position, the 53-year-old will be unable to stand for public office for 15 years, essentially ending his political career. While many in the city are unimpressed with his achievements as mayor, they see great injustice in the punishment.

This is Girish Gupta in Bogotá for Radio France Internationale.